Cruises and good food go together. While it is never difficult to find fun and entertaining activities both on board and in port to work off those calories, cruise lines have recently introduced some fun and innovative ways to workout. From the usual to the unusual, the waterpark to the gaming tournament, different cruise lines have new features to get guests moving.

Get Fit Onboard Princess Cruises with Wii Fit Gaming

Princess Cruise Ships recently launched an exercise and entertainment feature with the Wii Fit System gaming and tournaments. Currently five of their ships, the Crown Princess, Emerald, Grand, and Sea Princesses and soon to be launched Ruby Princess host Wii Fit game access and group tournaments. The competitions will be broadcast on the giant poolside “Movies Under the Stars” screens. This sort of virtual exercise may seem more hype than work out, but Nintendo’s popular gaming system offers a variety of games ranging from yoga poses to downhill slalom courses to running that offer various levels of challenge. Not only do these games bring together fun and exercise but guests might even win a prize.

A Refined Workout with Kinesis Systems on Crystal Cruises

For the more serious fitness buff interested in refined luxury the Crystal Cruise Line now offers Kinesis equipment. In late June 2008 Crystal Cruises announced that both the Symphony and Serenity ships are now equipped and offering independent and trainer assisted workouts on the Kinesis equipment. Kinesis equipment uses cable resistance and boasts a better workout because it allows for 360 degrees of movement and offers customizable workouts for a range of fitness abilities. Private trainers are available for guided workouts on this equipment for $100 an hour or three sessions for $245. In addition the Crystal Cruise Line workout areas still offer the same variety of treadmills, elliptical trainers and complimentary yoga, pilates and spin-cycling classes as well as water workouts and walking areas.

Water Slides and Active Fun on Carnival’s Floating Waterworks Park

The Carnival Sensation will dry-dock in January 2009 and re-launch after extensive renovation and refurbishment. Included in the renovations is the installation of an expanded water park, “Evolutions of Fun” with an open-air 300 ft long spiral water slide. The rest of the Carnival fleet of ships already offers onboard waterworks parks with various twisting slides, racing slides, and fountain features as well as pools and adult only “Serenity” areas. Playing in the water may be a novel approach to exercise, but after a day of up and down, in the water and out, guests will have earned a big buffet dinner and will no doubt rest easy in their berths at night’s end.

Guests will have many opportunities to be active in novel and fun ways on the cruise line of their choice. Vacationers can pick the cruise that fits their style: family fun, technological, or refined.