A recumbent bike may be the perfect set of wheels for aging baby boomers and others who complain of soreness associated with riding a traditional bicycle.

Long periods of pedaling a traditional upright bicycle can lead to various health problems, including soreness in the wrist and neck, and pains in the lower back and buttocks.

There is even some evidence that sitting on a traditional bicycle seat for long periods of time can lead to numbness and impotence issues for male riders, according to the article “Impotence and Cycling: the Unseen Danger” at

A recumbent bike’s configuration virtually eliminates all of these health concerns. Unlike with a traditional bike – where the rider sits high, perched on a small bicycle seat – the recumbent bike keeps the rider low to the ground, sitting in a relaxed, laid-back position.

Recumbent Bike Health Advantages

Recumbent bicycle exercise offers health advantages over traditional bicycles.

On some recumbents, the handlebars sit above the seat at shoulder level. On others, the handlebars are actually below the seat. In both setups, the rider’s arms are positioned in a way that eliminates the neck, shoulder and hand soreness associated with riding traditional bicycles.

The seat on a recumbent bike is also much more comfortable than its counterpart on a traditional bicycle. Instead of a saddle, the recumbent bike has an actual seat – complete with a back – that eliminates the lower back discomfort and saddle sores associated with traditional bikes.

Recumbent bicycle enthusiasts also sit closer to the ground when riding, so they are less likely to suffer injury in falls when compared to riders on traditional bicycles.

However, there is one potential health risk associated with recumbents – because these bikes sit so low to the ground, automobile drivers may not spot them easily. This may increase the potential for car-recumbent bicycle accidents.

Recumbent Bike Costs

Recumbent bikes come in many different styles and lengths. The various models typically are categorized as long wheel base, short wheel base and compact long wheel base, according to the FAQ page at

The bikes – affectionately dubbed “bents” by enthusiasts – often resemble “chopper-style” motorcycles.

Recumbent bikes can cost anywhere from few hundred to several thousand dollars. They tend to be more expensive than comparable traditional bicycles because they are not created in high volumes (due to their relatively novelty).

Exercise is crucial to maintaining both physical and emotional health. Bicycling is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. However, long hours pedaling traditional bicycles can result in various health problems.