Winstrol is mostly used alone or as part of a cutting cycle. This anabolic steroid is known for its “dry” gains, this is because winstrol does not convert to estrogen and so there is little to no water retention with this steroid. When using winstrol you can expect to gain lean muscle mass slowly as well as get good strength gains. The results you can expect from Winstrol will depend on a few factors such as your diet, training routine as well as you genetics. Some people respond better to steroids than others and thus they will get better results.

As mentioned above, Winstrol is best used for cutting cycles, the main goal of a cutting cycle is to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. To get good results from such a cycle a quality diet needs to be followed, a cutting diet will usually consist of high protein, medium fat and low carbs. Your training will also play a big role in how much fat you lose, you cant expect Winstrol to do all the work and contrary to popular belief, Winstrol does not burn fat, the whole point of using Winstrol in a cycle is yo help maintain or build lean muscle while losing fat. Without Anabolic Steroids during a cutting phase you will most likely lose some muscle mass.

If you are using Winstrol to build muscle and strength and are not dieting for fat loss reasons you can expect to build a decent amount of lean muscle and also see good gains in strength. To get these results from Winstrol you would need to be on a high protein and high card diet while keeping fats lower to prevent fat gains. A lot of people choose to use Winstrol over other steroids for a few reasons such as it being mild and so quite often no side effects are experienced, there is no water retention and so that “bloated” look often experienced from Steroid use wont be a problem and because it does not convert to estrogen you wont have to worry about side effects such as gynecomastia.

Winstrol results will also depend on the dosage taken, users often take between 40 and 100mg of Winstrol a day, no while 100mg is a bit over the top it will definitely bring on better results than 40mg.

Results of Winstrol for Athletes:

Stanozolol has been used by athletes for decades, especially by sprinters. This steroid has been known for giving sprinters more speed as well as allowing them to train harder and for longer due to quicker recovery from using Winstrol. A famous case known by many people is the sprinter Ben Johnson who broke the 100m world record, he tested positive for Winstrol and had his record removed. Football players as well as basket players have been known to use Stanozolol. Athletes looking for speed and strength as well as faster recovery often opt for Winstrol as its out of the body fast and so there is lower risk of being tested positive for Anabolic Steroids and also because the weight gains associated with Winstrol are not to high which is another benefit. Athletes such as sprinters need to be muscular and lean for achieve good speeds, if a sprinter gained 20lbs from a Ster0id cycle he would not be fast enough.

Females and Winstrol:

Steroid usage in woman is never a good idea as irreversible masculine side effects such as facial hair and voice deepening can occur. However due to Winstrol being a mild Steroid, many woman find that a low dose of 5 to 10mg a day gives them amazing results with little risk of masculine side effects. Although Stanozolol can be safe for women there are better choices out there such as Anavar which is even safer and has less risks involved.


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